Plato & K2/K3/K4 Starter Kit

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Plato & K2/K3/K4 Starter Kit


Aspire Plato

Introducing the Aspire Plato. An all in one personal vaporizer and tank system that fits in the palm of your hand. The Plato brings you temperature control and normal wattage mode up to 50 watts along with adjustable airflow, but that isn’t all. This little marvel also has multiple coil options so whether you enjoy a mouth to lung style or a direct to lung style the Plato has you covered. Simple but Complete!


Rose Gold / Lavender / Pink / Blue / White / Grey / Black / Weathered Gold



K2 / K3 / K4 Starter Kit

An economic and convenient tobacco alternative. They bring you an open source tank and battery system that is reusable and rechargeable and best of all the tank is refillable. So you’re never limited when it comes to flavor,a black battery with the black tank and the pink battery with the silver tank!